Friday, September 8, 2017

So excited for Fall! And! Creating some Halloween Themed Art!

  I took a break for a bit but I decided to go back to facebook!  My page for my art is back up and here is the link:
  Excited for the fall and making some Halloween and Spooky themed Fantasy Art!  Here is an image I created for a group of amazing artists called Enchanted Visions!

  The ladies in Enchanted Visions are not only amazing artists but they are very kind hearted individuals who care a great deal about one another!  Being in this group has helped me stay motivated to keep creating my art!  And! Has helped me through some tough times.  Here is a link to their page on facebook!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I Have A New Blog!

  Welcome to my new blog! No longer using facebook, tumblr, or instagram! Those sites were not working for me!  I was trying to create a tumblr blog but I decided to try out other blog sites. This one seems awesome!  Hooray! If you want to follow posts about my art the best place would be here or on my website! These are the two sites I plan to use often.  Also I  plan on updating my etsy shop and also my redbubble shop soon as well!  I will post links here and on my site when they are updated! I've been working on some new projects including my first book that features my art.  I'm also currently illustrating a children’s book that my grandmother wrote! I would like to give it to her as a Christmas gift so she can see her story come to life!  Another project I am working on is a series of black and white line art that I am coloring digitally that is Butterfly themed!  Along with that series I am working on another new series of Star Angel themed art!  I will post some sneak peak work in progress pics here and on my website hopefully very soon! ~ Steph